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Hecate's Night November 16th

Hecate’s Night is a festival celebrated annually on November 16th by Witches. The holiday honors the Greek goddess Hecate, who is the patron goddess of witchcraft and magic. Hecate’s night can be traced back to the ancient Roman festival of Parentalia, which was a time to honor one’s ancestors. Modern Pagans have adopted this holiday and made it their own by adding elements of magic and witchcraft. Hecate is a complicated woman associated with light and darkness, crossroads, and communicating with the dead. She is smart and powerful. For good reason the pagan scholars of old interpreted her name as Hekatera, meaning “Both” in Greek. Greek mythology provides conflicting answers to the question of her origins, but the most common answer is that she is the daughter of an obscure Titan called Perses, “the Destroyer.” It wasn’t by birthright but because Zeus paid special honor to her that she became a co-ruler of the three realms: the sky along with Zeus, the sea wit

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