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Travel Altars

  Packing to go on a trip can be an adventure in itself. I’m the type of packer that tries to organize everything, separate outfits by day/event, goes through checklists multiple times and then still is always worried I forgot something. Adding a magical practice to that, particularly if it normally involves tools, can feel a little stressful! Here are some tips on traveling witchcraft and what’s in my travel bag. You don’t need to bring anything! I do sometimes feel naked without having my tarot cards on me or protection stones shoved into my bra, but I don’t need them. I can and have packed a bag with non-witchy items inside and my craft or identity as a witch isn’t invalid for it. All you truly need in your practice is yourself! Traveling witchcraft only actually needs a traveling witch. Plan for what type of trip you’re going on: If you’re taking a road trip to a secluded area in the woods where you plan on focusing on ritual works a part of your trip, you’ll be packing a lot dif

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