April And The Pink Moon

    The Month of April we move from dark to light, from cold to warm, from brown to green. April is a magical month starting out with April fool's day and ending on the eve of May Day. This month make time to enjoy the outdoors with daylight activities and evening walks in the twillight after dinner. 

    Aprils full moon is known as the Pink Moon but it will also be a Super Moon but not just any Super Moon but the biggest one of the year. There are a few different names that the full moons can go by. The Pink Moon also known as the Seed Moon and it is derived from both the sprouting of the seed and the beautiful pink flower known as the Philox. Native Americans referred to the April full moon as The Fish Moon, because fish would start to swim up stream to spawn. The color pink was chosen for the month of April because it is the color of love and Venus, which governs Taurus. 
                  *The First 1/4 Moon will be on April 1st
                  *The Full Moon will be April 7th
                  *The Last 1/4 Moon will be April 14th 
                  *The Dark/New Moon will be April 22nd
                  *The First 1/4 Moon will be April 30th
        This month's Pink Moon is good for : 
Beauty spells, fertility/abundance, enchanting your love life, setting new things in motion and making new commitments. It is also a really good month to find justice and fairness, resolving relationship issues, finding balance and diplomacy. You will find the courage and strenght to trust yourself enough to move forward in taking the first steps into a new path or direction.
 The Supermoon is a greater time for us to charge our moon water and cleanse our crystals and any divination tools you use on a regular basis. Being that this  is a Supermoon it gives off more energy to harness than the regular full moon. So be sure to take full advantage of this Supermoon, however if you should happen to forget dont worry there will be two more this year for you to take full advantage of.
Many Blessings J 


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