Creating your own witches garden

Creating a garden has been one of the greatest pleasures I had no idea I would enjoy so much. I researched and read eveything I could get my hands on so I could gain a better understanding of how the growing process worked. Believe me I had the biggest brown thumb around. I was never successful with anything potted indoor or outdoor. However I couldnt deny the strong urge I had to get out there and create a space that I could call all my own. A sacred, sanctuary that would provide a space for my oudoor altar. This is something I had been mulling over but had always put off for another day. The question was how do I make a true witches garden? There are so many designs, so many flowers, so many herbs. What do I choose, so I can be a "real witch" the kind of witch that grows her own medicines or grows her own magical sage for smudging or grows rosemary for baking and cooking and gathers her summer crops and then cans them for the upcoming winter season, all the while hanging dried flowers in her kitchen. I drove myself crazy reading everything about herbal cures and witchy wives tales. What flowers represent what, what herbs will ward off evil or better yet provide spiritual protection. This was turning into more than I had bargained for and it was beginning to overwhelm me. So I took a step back and grounded myself in the quiet of what would become my garden, and in that moment I realized that my garden would guide me and not the other way around, just as it had been guiding me all along. Needless to say I let go of the expectation and this preconcieved notion that growing a witches garden would make me a "real witch". As my garden grew so did my craft, Ive had successes in my garden as well as some failures, it has had many diffrent reinventions and its always evolving the same way I am. 
Many Blessings J    


  1. Letting the land dictate the garden sounds like a great way to begin!


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