One Burnt Out Witch

Witch Burn Out and How To Deal With it... This is something we as witches deal with every so often. Unfortunately it can cause us to turn away from our craft for months sometimes years. A few things I have identified over the years that can cause my own personal burnout are...
*Over practicing *Our own percieved expectation by others
*An outcome we have a hard time recognizing
*Feeling overwhelmed with the stress of every day life
All of these things have lead me to truly understand the real benefits of self care when it comes to my craft... The number one most importance thing for me is grounding... that means I'm either surrounded by nature listening to the birds sing while I'm  gardening or I'm cooking and getting lost in the preparation of it all or I'm simply sitting in front of my altar in my sacred space with a book and the candles enables me to reconnect with my craft and reset my mind and quiet the noise... Another important thing that keeps my burnout at bay is to not get caught up in the expectations of others and order for this to happen I sometimes need to let go and allow the universe to manifest as it will... There are so many ways to practice self care so that we don't lose sight of the thing we hold so dear and it will vary from witch to witch.... Both witchcraft and self-care are practices that seek to have transformative effects—they’re both about investing time and energy into one’s self to alter inner (and outer) states, and generally improve overall wellbeing. Just as much as witchcraft can be about changing one’s outer reality, like self-care it can also be about changing how we feel on the inside. Often, it’s about checking in with ourselves and paying attention to our needs so we can move into a more positive physical, mental, or spiritual state of being.

Many Blessings JšŸ–¤šŸ–¤


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