The Bunny of Ostara

The Goddess of spring, was often shown with a hare's head or hare's ears ,with a companion white hare standing beside her. Legend has it that this white hare laid multi coloured eggs which were handed out to children during spring festivals. This legend lives on today in the form of the Easter bunny. *The hare is a powerful mystical symbol the world over. *Not commonly known  the hare long ago was depicted as a witch's familiar or companion, and thought to be a shape shifter. *The hare was the sacred animal of Oestera., and was sometimes pictured in human form. The hare is also the symbol of the moon and sexual prowess....
The moon hare was supposed to have laid the Great cosmic Egg from which all life was born. The hare has been transformed in to the Easter bunny, and the egg remains.

Many Blessings 


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