Give Me Shelter

I've had this book on my witches bookcase surrounded by a plethora of other witch based books...However once this "shelter in place" order forced me to stay home, this title jumped out at me. The House Witch...Well that's our reality so I read this one morning right after sitting down at my dining room table having just lit a candle, putting on a vinyl record, and ritualistically preparing my morning coffee, and after the first chapter I thought...This is the book I've been putting off and it truly spoke to my soul. The author writes, “the home itself is an essential element within a nourishing, vibrant, ongoing spiritual practice.” She continues, “Honoring the hearth means honoring your origins, where you come from each day, and where you return each night.” The basis of this book is about Hearthcaft which is basically the belief that the home is a place of beauty, power, and protection, a place where people are nurtured and nourished on a spiritual basis as well as a physical and emotional basis.” Most importantly its performing domestic acts with mindfulness and intention. 
House Witch stresses that everyday things can be magical. It reminds me that even though I am in the throws of "Sheltering in Place" my environment might feel mundane day in and day out. 
However this book is a great reminder for me  that the kitchen is a scared space, and that theres magic in everyday objects, or how to use my cauldron in hearthcraft and cleansing rituals, preparing food with awareness, even activities as simple as getting to know your house by going from room to room and journaling your emotional observations in each space. All of these things will lend itself to a much more meaningful  experience  that I will carry with me even after the "Shelter in Place" order is long forgotten. 
Many Blessings 🖤J


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