Solitary Witch

What is a solitary witch...Basically, a solitary witch practices witchcraft by herself without being in a coven. Being a solitary witch means that you do everything on your own (full moon rituals, spellwork, sabbats, divination, etc). In addition, you don’t belong to a specific tradition: instead, you follow your own path. However keep in mind that not all solitary witches are alone by choice. A lot of them are solitary because they don’t have a coven nearby. There are a lot of advantages of being a solitary witch. In my opinion, you can’t grow as a witch if you never practice on your own. A few I have been thinking about are...
*You learn about yourself..It gives you the opportunity to know your own power. With experience, you learn what your magick feels like, what works and what doesn’t. You get to know your strengths and your weaknesses. *You make your own craft...As a solitary witch, there is no one to tell you what you can or cannot do. You make your own craft. It means that you follow your own rules, your own ethics, and your own magickal tradition. You don’t owe anything to anybody. That’s the beauty of being a solitary witch.
*You practice whenever you want... Being solitary you can practice anytime during the day – not only during evenings. Solitary witchcraft is very flexible – with a little bit of creativity, you will always find the time to practice it.
*You develop a regular practice...Witchcraft is just like any other skill. You need to practice it regularly to become good at it. Ideally, everyday. As a solitary witch, it is even more important since you rely a lot more on your intuition.
*You never stop learning... It means that you have to read a lot. There in you never stop learning. -Being Solitary is a fit if...
*You love to read, research, study and learn
*You have a critical mind
*You have a lot of discipline
*You possess good organizational skills
*You love freedom and you don’t like to follow the rules of others
*You have a deep understanding of who you are as a witch
*You are an introvert
*You already have experience in witchcraft, with a strong intuition...
Many Blessings J🖤


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