Let's Talk Mercury Retrograde Accountability

Mercury Retrograde is infamous for being a time of challenge and miscommunication where life can turn upside down....
There are ongoing jokes that its best just to stay in your house during mercury retrograde… To avoid traveling, avoid talking to people, stop taking on new projects, signing paperwork, or making decisions… *While there's a small level of truth in some of this, there has become this massive cultural superstition and stigma about Mercury Retrograde… *Mercury goes retrograde 3-4 times per year... *There are so many positives to Mercury Retrograde when you're aware of its archetypal influence, and choose to consciously make the most of these almost month-long retrograde periods. *As an archetypal symbol, the planet Mercury represents thought and communication that is created through thinking, writing, speaking, and teaching. *The common belief is that when mercury is in retrograde (appearing to move backwards), these areas of life move backward, upside down and begin to spin out of control...Hence the bad wrap! *BUT...... *You’re creating your life experience. So yes, if you focus on all the NEGATIVE aspects of Mercury Retrograde, they WILL likely manifest for you! *There are so many wonderful things about Mercury Retrograde... 1. Gives you an opportunity to complete unfinished projects... 2. Open your eyes to situations that are unresolved and help you find solutions that you may have overlooked that have kept you stagnant or blocked... 3. The ability to see from others perspectives, that can help you resolve a few issues that you might be struggling with subconsciously... 4. Slow down and go inward and reflect on goals and where you are heading.... Think positively and find the light in the darkness...Take accountability, slow down and enjoy each experience they are set in our path as part of the journey!! Many Blessings ❤ J


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