Hexing the Moon

Apparently there is talk among the community that a group of witches decided it was a good idea to Hex the moon and will then go on to Hex the sun. First of all lets define the word Hex, it simply means spellwork that collectivly gathers negative energy and directs it at someone or something. So what is the point of Hexing the moon? The school of thought is that by Hexing the Moon you will harness its power and in doing so will become more powerful than the moon itsef. Can this acutally occur? Short answer...No! What it can do is reck havoc on your Bloodline and cause a Karmic ripple effect that will be felt for many generations to come.  As you know the Moon represents the divine feminine and in Witchcraft the Moon plays a key role in our study and our workings, so to wage war on something that all witches hold so sacred is to attack each and every one of us personally. In a time of such unrest not all witches will see eye to eye, however the one thing that we will always come together on is the sacredness of our craft and the place that the Moon plays in that.  All of that said I feel like once again how we are viewed as witches is being called into question. This is just one more example of the misunderstanding and misconceptions we face. However this time its being brought upon us by our own. We want to be taken seriously, we want society to have a greater understanding of what true witches look like in modern times, yet here we are standing in our own way. This can not be the legacy we leave behind for the witches that will come after us. ❤Many Blessings J


  1. You're doing a great job making it mainstream, which is a great service!


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