Book Of Shadows

There is a longstanding tradition of witches carrying around their books of spells, rituals, incantations and other magical information, yet there is confusion about what exactly a grimoire is and how best to use one.
No matter how long you’ve been practicing witchcraft, you can benefit from keeping and using a grimoire. 
What is a Grimoire....The simple definition is that a grimoire is a book that contains any kind of magical information. We have to use a simple definition because a witch’s grimoire is as unique as the witch who made it, just as each witch’s practice is unique. What is integral to one witch’s practice may not be to another, and therefore isn’t included in their grimoire. A grimoire can be made from a variety of different materials, it can be hundreds of “pages” long or only contain a couple of important “pages.” This book may be passed down from one generation to the next, or a witch may create a brand new grimoire for their own practice. Regardless of what the grimoire looks like or contains, it is special. It’s important for you to create a grimoire that is specific to your needs as a witch, your lifestyle and your magical practice. Otherwise, you are unlikely to use it. A grimoire becomes a recorded collection of the tales, myths, spells, magical correspondences, and ideas that resonate with you so that you can refer to it in the future. A grimoire is not necessary for one to be a witch, however many witches find it to be truly useful if not essential to their practice. It is a record of your practice, a journal of your deep thoughts, and a personalized encyclopedia of spells, correspondences and practical information. 
Some witches keep more traditional grimoires with rituals, spells, and information that is important to the witch. There may be a record of the significant events from the life of the witch. 
Some witches guard their grimoire carefully and only share with select people, while others publish their grimoire publicly online or in a book. There are no rules to how you keep your grimoire so long as it is special to you..Have fun, and enjoy the process of filling your special book of magic! Many Blessings J ❤


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