Protection Jars

A protection spell jar is one of the easiest beginner-friendly, witchy tools to make and a great way to protect yourself, your home and your loved ones from negative energy.
A protection spell jar is a spell you cast on a magickal jar, you are going to make it with suitable ingredients, to send protection and safety your way, while cleansing yourself and those around you from any negativity or magick attacks.
A protection spell jar is your special ally when it comes to dealing with negativity, in an easy and effective way.
You need a one when you no longer feel safe if you think someone has cast an evil eye spell on you or someone special to you when you feel negativity is taking over in your life and you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.
If you feel a heaviness on your chest, you don’t feel safe, if you sense something in your life does not feel right, or even if you are sure someone you know is casting spells over you preventing you from living your best life, the protection spell jar is the best option you have.
There is not a specific day of the week that is better than another. Make it when you want and when you are ready to commit to this kind of craft.
It is not difficult to make a protection spell jar. Follow these steps and you will have the perfect jar for you, to manifest your goals and let protection pervade into your life.
*Choose a small sealable jar...It doesn’t matter about the size or shape of this jar, provided it is sealable, as you are going to put all of the ingredients in the jar.
*Write your intentions.. on a small sheet of paper and place it at the bottom of the jar. This is an important step and I prefer doing it the following way. I write my intentions on one side of the paper and on the other side, I draw a protection sigil.

*Add your ingredients ... Here are a few that I like and use alot in my practice...

  • Salt (It cleanses any negative energy)
  • Chamomile (It creates soothing relaxing vibes and positive energy)
  • Lavender (It brings relaxation and peace)
  • Sage (It cleanses negativity and helps you restore safety and inner calmness)
  • Bay Leaf (A powerful herb to shift energy from bad to good)
  • Rosemary (Amazing for a good night’s sleep without nightmares)
  • Cinnamon (It brings protection)
  • Rose Petals (Turn hate into love)

You can choose one, two, or three of these ingredients according to the kind of protection you would like to bring in your life.

The most important thing is to create a base, that is made up of salt at the bottom of the jar and then, simply choose the best herbs for you and for your specific situation.

It doesn’t matter about thequantity as long as you feel comfortable and you can fill the jar completely.

*Finishing it

Once the jar is filled with the ingredients, place a white candle on the top of the jar’s lid

First, light the white candle and let the wax drip onto the lid, to create a base, so you can then place your candle in it, to anchor the candle to the lid of the jar. Then, let it burn until the candle is completely consumed.

*Place it under your bed or choose a hidden place in your house...

When you are done, and the candle has created a good seal on the top of the jar, you can place the jar in the place you have chosen. For personal protection, I prefer placing it under your bed.

To protect a loved one you can place it on top of a closet in his/her room, or to protect your house you can choose a hidden place like in a wardrobe, in a pantry, in a box placed in the living room.

It really doesn’t matter as long as nobody can see the jar.

*Use the energy of the full moon to cleanse negativity..

Your protection spell jar is like a magnet for negativity, so it needs to be cleansed every once in awhile...I prefer to place it under the light of the full moon every month, to cleanse all negativity gathered and to have it ready to protect me, my house, or my loved ones for the upcoming month.

*When will it start working...

Actually, very quickly. It starts gathering negative energy from the moment it is made, it will take a while to gather it all, especially if you are under a black magick attack...but it will gather it all eventually.

This will enable you so that you can cleanse yourself, banish negativity and attract more positive energy to you again.

Many Blessings J


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