Spells, Candle's, Rituals Oh My!!


There is so much discussion be it a constant dialogue between Witches or simply an internal dialogue within, of connectivity to our craft. Alot of emphasis is placed on the ritual aspect and how this spell works or how that candle color should be dressed in these herbs or what should we put in jars for blessings vs hexing. However what is truly at the heart of the matter is this...The Truest form of Witchcraft comes from within and this is what makes us Witches...The connection we have with the Goddess and the Divine is the essence of who we are, putting aside ego and being open to hearing the messages and seeing the direction we are being guided towards is essential to propel us into growing and becoming the Witches we were always meant to be... None of that is possible if we are not allowing her in and standing in our own way....spells, candles, rituals all of these things are a means to an end and an  intricate part of witchcraft which keeps things in alignment, But... one without the other does not a Witch make! Many Blessings J❤


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