The Great Awakening???

There has been alot of talk and conversation on social media about August 27th and The Great Awakening and moving from 3D and into 5D...So as we approach this date I thought we should talk about it and what it all means...Well first and foremost as with all things spread on social media it's a viral phenomenon that has caught on and spread like wildfire, so when I looked into this I took it with a grain of salt as I'm always suspicious of where and how such things come from. As I researched this "Great Awakening" and the date August 27th,  I have discovered alot of talk about Manifestation, and a shifting of consciousness as well as ascending from the current state of 3D and into a 5D as there's a closing of a portal and a specific time allotted to change your timeline. If you miss it then you will be stuck and doomed to repeat old patterns. I ponder this date and all of this information I cant help but think...The ability to manifest is always within you...Manifestation also works alongside the Law of Attraction, a universal rule which dictates that thoughts can become things. Your thoughts hold immense power, and you attract whatever it is you think
about....Simply put its the ability to believe in something so strongly that you create and send it into the universe....So then the question becomes will there be an ascension and a shift within myself from the 3D version of myself to the enlightened 5D better version of myself and what happens if I miss the one chance to change my timeline...I truly believe that there is NO date that should tell you when your personal "ascension" should happen! Our lives are personal journeys with life lessons meant to be learned in our OWN time! The veil is always thin and we are constantly changing our timelines as life throws curve balls at us every chance it's not ascension from 3D to 5D on a specific date at a specific time that should concern us...what should concern us all at the end of the day is ...what we have learned so far in this life and what we are going to do to continue growing in our own truths and in our own time...without the fanaticism of August 27th looming over us


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