Bats in Witchcraft

The bat is certainly not the most loved animals, perhaps because of all the sinister legends that see him as a protagonist together with witches, vampires, and ghosts. Yet on the sacred plane, it is a positive animal, with intelligence and wisdom...Its symbolism reconnects to second sight and the faculty of precognition...Among Native American Indians, the bat is held in high regard because of its marked sensitivity and represented intuition, dream and vision. Shamans invoked their spirit when energy called “night vision” was needed, capable of revealing any mystery...In early Christianity, bats represented charity, while in medieval bestiaries (an illustrated book of tales that tells of animals with a moral lesson)  they symbolized lust and sinners who lived in darkness. The reason for this lies in the fact that bat mates with both males and females...In the West, it is associated with dark and underground forces and consequently with demons. It is no wonder that the devil is represented with bat wings...The same negative association started the custom of nailing bats to the doors of houses to ward off evil spirits. Another superstition was to wear a bat’s right eye to make its bearer invisible...
In witchcraft The bat is an animal of power that will faithfully accompany you throughout your life. Even if it was not your main guide animal, it’s never one of those passing animals. Once its energy has entered your life, it will never leave.The bat will help you transition from your old life to a new one, supporting you as best it can with its knowledge.
The message they send you is to be attentive to your instincts and intuition, to listen and interpret the signs that occur, so you can move with awareness and bring out the best outcome.For witches, bats are often spirit guides and considered as true persons, rather than a simple animal. Bats are intuitive creatures. They have to be as they live in the dark and use radar to see the world around them. They are messengers of change...Many Blessings J🖤


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