Cats in Witchcraft

Cats are magical creatures. Since ancient times, their supernatural grace has been observed, revered (as well as demonized), and incorporated into art and mythology. Sleek, cunning, and a little detached, cats seem to have one foot in the spirit realm, their piercing eyes always gazing just beyond the veil. It’s no wonder, then, that cats are the number one animal associated with witches. There is something energetically similar about cats and witchy women, both so keenly aware of their surroundings while presiding in their own enigmatic worlds. And, like witches, cats know exactly what they want, and impossible to control. A cat can be the most loving companion, but don’t ever expect her to forsake her autonomy.Both cats and witches embody the archetype of the feminine. They occupy the moonlit spaces, where intuition leads the way, and nimble, stealthy movements. Cats have been aligned with magic and the feminine since ancient times. The stigma against cats  especially black cats was real, and it accompanied the witch hunts of early modern Europe. From the 15th to 18th century, countless women accused of witchcraft were killed. One could be accused of witchcraft just for owning a cat. Witches were believed to take shapeshift into cats in order to kill babies and children, or to ride cats through the night to their Sabbat gatherings. Cats were killed along with witches they were burned and thrown from towers. Black cats were especially feared. Even today, black cats are less likely to be adopted, and they run a higher risk of being tortured or killed due to backwards thinking. Despite the lingering traces of black cat prejudice, cats have found their way back in the good graces of social opinion. Perhaps its no coincidence that the popularity of all things cat on the internet runs parallel to the rise of the witch, and the reclaiming of the divine feminine. Let us witches honor our feline counterparts, who have historically been revered and demonized for our spiritual powers and iron clad independence. And Remember to keep your black cats indoors on Halloween night!! Many Blessings...J 🖤🐈‍⬛


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