Embracing your shadow

Let's talk about Shadow Work...
Alot of witches can be heard using the phrase "Shadow Work", but what does that mean exactly..So I thought I'd shed a little light on this topic...Shadow work is a variety of practices with the aim of making you whole... Throughout your life when you’ve been beating yourself up for this and that, or been judged harshly, or had something horrible happen to you, you’ve also been quite destructive to yourself....Whenever something happened that you couldn’t cope with, you just lopped off the bit of you that was hurting and pretended it wasn’t there any more, or tried to, at any rate.... Shadow work aims to bring all of those bits back to you....The shadow is the congealed mess of all the forgotten parts of you....And yesss...it’s pretty annoyed at you for leaving it behind. That nasty voice in your head is probably your shadow. The one that encourages you do to dumb stuff or lose your temper? That's Shadow. The bit of you that constantly attracts negative situations and keeps you stuck... Again Shadow...Your shadow is YOU. You will never be able to detach from your shadow enough that you can outrun it. The reason that something lusty and spiteful is scary is because it’s YOUR actions and YOUR emotions...While it’s certainly useful to think of the shadow as something apart from ourselves, what’s closer to the truth is that "Your-Self" is something far scarier than you’ve ever imagined...Shadow work CAN be emotionally draining...and it is almost always more tiring than you expected. So how do you accomplish this...*Find A Moment Of Peace: You can do this at night or first thing in the morning. It really doesn’t matter as long as you have a moment of peace and relaxation to dedicate to this practice and to really commit. Turn your phone off!
*Choose Your Focus:What area of your life is causing you more trouble? *Face It...When you become aware of the thing or the person you need to focus on, it’s finally time to face it. Don’t be afraid of how this makes you feel but, it does turn all of your senses on! Embracing your shadow will give you the chance to really explore the life that you truly want to live..Many Blessings J❤


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