Hecate Queen of Witches

Let's Talk About The Dark Goddess Hecate...Goddess of Witches. Necromancer. Healer. Terrifying Queen of the Underworld. 
 Her name awakens the soul of a witch. This occurs as we learn to listen to the voice of the goddess. Hecate is an ancient Greek Goddess of magic, life and death, herbalism, the mysteries, and much more. She is a liminal spirit – she guards the thresholds between the human and spirit world. She’s found at the crossroads, at the doorways of homes, and at the gates of the cemetery. 
She is a diety who presides over death and the dead, many forget Hecate is also a goddess of childbirth and life. As a triple goddess, her domain is the life/death/rebirth cycle. She is often depicted in a triple goddess form: as three women looking in different directions or as a three-headed canine.

 *Hecate and The Dark Moon
The dark moon, the night of the astrological new moon, has been sacred to ek'sches since ancient times. On this night, sacred rites are performed in her honor.
*The Torch-bearer 
Hecate answers Persephone's cries when no one else does. She becomes Persephone's guide between the Underworld and the human one, using her torches to light the way along the journey. Hecate as a torch-bearer or lamp-carrier became one of the dominant themes of her depictions during ancient times. 
*She is the guardian to Persephone when she is deeply troubled, she guides her back and forth, ensuring the seasons change, and she is the keeper of the keys of wisdom and transformation. Hecate, Persephone and Demeter form one version of the Triple Goddess. The Triple Goddess also represented the three visible phases of the moon.
*Hecate and the Moon. In addition to her association with the dark moon, she was revered as a Moon Goddess. The moon's deep association with women and witchcraft and the goddesses of both, further illustrates the complexities of Hecates power. 

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