Owls in witchcraft

Owls are definitely one of the most favorite animals amongst Witches...
In Witchcraft the owl is so importiant that Italian  witchcraft took its name from this bird. Stregheria comes from the latin word Strix which means owl and strega is the italian word for witch. In esoterism & occultism those who have this Totem animal as a protector and patron have a talent in delivering messages, in psychic spying, in protective magic, in astral projection and in deepening in the mysteries of Witchcraft...Owls have a mystical energy which helps us uncover the hidden truth....

•Since the ancient times it is considered a very powerful animal, sacred to Goddess Athena...the Greek Goddess of wisdom, and the Owl became the Bird of Wisdom.

•Athena could appear in the form of an Owl to intervene with human matters. Maybe the wise nature of the Owl comes from the ability of the bird to turn her neck 180 degrees and observe everything that may or may not come towards her.

•But it is not only sacred in the Greek and Roman Pantheon. Owl for the Ancient Egyptians is associated with the Kingdom of Dead Sun, the time when the Sun (Ra) has set and before he rises again. Owls were sacred to the Sun and watched over him during the time he sailed in the Underworld. Because of this aspect and connection with the Sun.

•Owls are utilized as a symbol in rituals of The Winter Solstice and Ceremonies that include Blessings to the Dead.

•Owl is also sacred to other Gods in different cultures like the Celtic and the Hindu.

•Having owls around your house can also act like a watchdog against malicious energies. 

•Owls are known to alert Witches when danger is approaching.

• In medieval times owls were said to be witches, and if you heard the cry of the owl it meant death was coming

•The white owl is said to be the symbol of endurance and wisdom

Many Blessings J ❤


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