The Dark Moon

The Dark Moon
In most modern spiritual circles, the full moon gets all of the attention. People host and attend full moon circles, charge their crystals and water under the full moon and perform fullmoon rituals. BUT what if I told you that the dark moon is actually the more spiritually potent moon phase? The dark moon is the period of about three days when the moon is not visible in the sky at all. This happens about every 28 days when the moon becomes in exact alignment with the sun. The dark moon is different than the new moon the new moon is astronomically defined as the peak between the waning (diminishing) and waxing (growing) moon and is when the tiniest glimpse of the moon begins to reappear in the night sky after a dark moon....Energetically speaking, the moon rules spirituality, emotions, and the bodies and psyches of women/ all things feminine in nature. It has long been believed and observed that the moon has an affect on people— the words lunacy & lunatic  both come from the Latin word for the moon: Luna..
When the moon is full emotions and chaos also tend to be at a peak...Emergency rooms experience an uptick in visits. Folklore depicts the werewolf unleashed inside of men when the moon is full. Women experience, or are believed to experience, a heightened desire for sexual activity when the moon is full. And while the moon rules the feminine, the full moon is actually a masculine phase. The moon enters the feminine half of its cycle after the full moon and through the dark moon. Once the moon begins to wax/grow, it enters a masculine phase once again. Due to the peak of emotions and chaos, it’s actually not a great idea to charge crystals, water and the like under the full moon....The dark moon is in direct contrast to the full moon. Remember that the moon has no light of its own and is only reflecting the light of the sun, something we view as masculine in nature...If you already are working with the full moon, I invite you to switch it up and work with the dark moon for at least three months and to see what happens!
Many Blessings J


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