Blessed Imbolc

A Blessed Imbolc...Today marks the beginning of Imbolc and a turning of the wheel...Imbolc is a fire festival that celebrates the home and the halfway point between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. It is quite literally Midwinter and while the days continue to grow lighter it is still dark and cold outside. Traditions and celebrations observed around Midwinter are all focused on awakening Nature from its sleep and dormancy. Although we still have a while until Spring, we know those warmer days are ahead of us and we can feel the energy they’ll bring.... Imbolc is strongly associated with the Celtic goddess Brigid (also known as Brigit, Bríde, or Brighid). She is known as the goddess of illumination, fire, renewal, and creativity. Crosses and corn dollies were often placed within the kitchen to encourage Brigid’s help defending the home from fire. Food (milk, butter, seeds, or bread) would also be placed outside the home as an offering to Brigid on the eve of Imbolc to ensure abundance in the coming year.... Spiritually, this
Is a time for a new life coming into manifestation. We may only be seeing the tiniest hints of life above the surface but things are  really beginning to stir in the darkness....Imbolc brings this final cleansing for our spirits as well. This is the time to clear out old clutter and the things that died within us during winter in order to prepare for the exciting new growth to come. Which means Imbolc is truly a time of transition and change. If during these last few months you have been dreaming up new plans and ideas for your life and year ahead, consider the flames of Imbolc the creative spark that ignites that fire. This is the fire that will give you the strength and courage to walk into your new endeavors!!! Many Blessings J 🌾❤


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