Its a triple threat kind of moment

Retrograde, retrograde, retrograde oh how you get blamed for bad behavior. Ok I get it, there are the typical emotional highs and lows, maybe the occasional power outages or car trouble, but this time the game has changed. Emotions are running at an all time high, shadow work is being done, past traumas are getting addressed, life lessons are being taught at a rate I have never seen before. People are physically tired, mentally exhaused and frustrated. This shift has hit everyone in ways we were not ready for or could have properly prepared for.
On June 10th we will see the first solar eclipse of the year coming after the first lunar eclipse in May. The "Ring of Fire" associated with this solar eclipse along with the new moon, covers the suns center and causes the ring around effect. The energy of this causes you to see the different routes and paths that you maybe need to take along your journey, so be open to the newness. The New moons are related to new beginnings, have higher energy and are enthusiastic.

This solar eclipse comes in Gemini the sign of the mind so with that we can have extra communication, more mental energy and lots of great ideas as well as work on new plans. We can show signs of becoming excited and interested in a variety of things, which can make us easily bored and ready to move onto the next best thing.

This solar eclipse is huge because it comes with Mercury retrograde in Gemini aligned with the eclipse!!! That said it becomes one of the biggest events of the year. 

Retrogrades are times for do-overs and second chances, thats times a zillion with a solar eclipse. That being said this is not just a time for any second chances or a run of the mill do-overs but BIG ONES, life altering chances!! 

The eclipse is also in Neptune and Pisces which means it will bring foggy energy into the mix and we have to work on being realistic, not having rose colored glasses on and not falling for petty words. We need to push through the fog and ground our minds so we dont get lost. 

We are also going to take in the energy of the sun during this time which is all about positivity, love abundance and infinite possibilities. Be sure to absorb all of the energy that is exposing itself to you.

What can you expect:

*You will be forced to confront change

*This will be a portal for an exponential amounts of growth

            The Sun's energy represents focus, goals and your greatest desires. 
            The New Moon acts as a map for all that the sun represents.

            Put all of that together and it equals success!!!

Often times I wonder what was all of this for, whats the lesson? Ive given this a lot of thought in the past few weeks and I truly feel that the this was a trial, not a test, a trial to show me my insecurities, my shadow self, allowing me the opportunity to address the pain, understand it and let it go. The lesson isnt letting go and it just disapearing from my life forever, the lesson actually is that when these things creep up again (because they will) I am now better equiped to understand them so that I can deal with them logically and continue to evolve to the place I'm meant to be, instead of remaining stagnant. 

Many Blessings Jillian 


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