Strawberry Moon Milk 🍓🍓

 I can’t think of a better time to make yourself a lovely batch of Strawberry Moon Milk! Oat Milk, as well as strawberries, have naturally occurring melatonin which helps to promote relaxation. Oat milk also contains Trytophan, a sleep supporting amino acid. Other claims associated with drinking a warm glass of milk before bed include regulated hormone levels, stress relief, and a strengthened immune system. While these claims are not proven there is a certain nostalgia that comes along with warm milk and bedtime...With tonight's Strawberry Full Moon there is no better way to relax after a beautiful casting! 


2 (heaping) cups strawberries (diced) 

2 tbs honey 

1 cup oat milk 

dried edible botanicals for garnish (rose, lavender, chrysanthemum, cornflower, etc.)


To a pan add your strawberries and honey. Cook on medium low until strawberries soften and become slightly liquified. This takes around 10 minutes. Press the cooked strawberries through a fine mesh sieve. Reserve the liquid and discard the pulp. 

Add milk to your pan and warm over low heat (do not allow to boil). Once milk has warmed whisk in reserved strawberry liquid. Whisk approximately 30 seconds or until light and frothy. Remove from heat and pour into mugs. Garnish with your favorite dried botanicals. Rose, lavender and chrysanthemum are just a few of the options! 

Many Blessings J 💞


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