What Is Black Magic

  Black magic is tradionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or for evil and selfish purposes.

  When discussing black magic, we should understand that black magic is the same as any other magic. It in itself is not good or bad. It's a neutral energy that has no feelings, hate, or love. The intent of the practitioner determines black magic from white magic.

  A curse, hexes, psychic attacks, voodoo dolls, or evil wishes are considered black magic because the practitioner is employing negative energy with the intent to harm someone.

  *What is the simplest definition of black magic?*

   It is a spell or ritual that is performed or cast with the intent to harm someone. There is nothing special about black magic; any practitioner of magic can perform black magic. It is merely the intent to cause harm that makes black magic different.

  The majority of Witches and magic practitioners will agree that they are opposed to using black magic or magic to harm someone. However this is not true for all magical practitioners.

   In the middle east and the far east, there are rumors and whispers of people who practice black magic with the sole intent to harm others. One example is Black Shamanism, which is practiced in Mongolia and Siberia.

  Those areas do not practice the Wiccan Traditions, which are a lot stronger in North America. The majority of people who practice Wiccan traditions adhere to the Rede of "harm none."

  *Let's return to the subject of How to use Black Magic?*

. First, I would recommend not performing black magic, but if you must, use it with extreme caution. Read a lot and then read some more!!

  Remember, there are counterspells to black magic. Some of these spells will reflect the black magic or negative energy back at you. It is not worth the risk.

  *If you still insist on performing black magic, remember what I have been saying.*

   Black magic is the same as any other magic; the only difference is the intent. Take the steps that you would develop a spell, just as you would with any other spell.

  *So how do you know if you have been cursed?*

  This is a question I am constantly asked. The first thing to do if you believe black magic has been done on you is to start looking for these signs.

  *The most telltale sign of black magic is that you will begin to experience nightmares. If this has happened to you, start a journal of when you are having nightmares and note the nightmare's intensity and the moon phase. 

If you have had black magic cast on you, the intensity level will be at its most potent on the new moon.

  Next, do you remember ever having any tell you they were going to put a curse or hex on you? 

  A way practitioners of black magic add strength to their curses and hexes is to say to their victims they will curse or hex them. They call it planting the seed.

  *Do you have anyone who dislikes you or you view as a rival?*

  Maybe an ex-lover, a coworker, or even a classmate. Perhaps you have someone who believes you have wronged them and could be out for revenge. If any of these are true, have you noticed any signs that they could practice magic?

  *Are you experiencing sharp jabbing pains that are unexplainable and started suddenly?*

  *Have you noticed the black magic seems stronger during the night?*

 The majority of black magic practitioners do so during the night time hours. The reason is that their victims are usually asleep, and their psychic defenses are down.

  If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you might have had black magic cast on you.

  However in most cases its the fear of the possiblity of being cursed or hexed. Due to this you sometimes become a victim of a self fulfilled prophecy. Now that also leads to the influx of fake practitioners preying on those who are seeking help with what they precieve as a curse or hex.  

  *So what types of black magic are there, and are there are many different types of black magic?*

  The first and probably most common type of black magic is the curse. A curse is an utterance intended to invoke magic to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something.

  Some cultures call curses different things. In African American hoodoo, it is known as a Jinx. In the Middle East, they call it the Evil Eye. Germans and the Pennsylvania Dutch call a curse a hex.

  Another type of black magic is Psychic attacks. These occur when dark and negative energetic vibrations are sent from one individual to another, creating disturbances in the person's energy and physical bodies. This negative energy can be called a spirit, an entity, a thought form, or dark negative energy. Each of these energies can create harmful effects within the person receiving them.

  In the age of social media anyone can find anything online and that includes a plethora of black magic spells. Which means anyone can pull up a dark spell and inflict harm, with little to no knowldge of the craft. This is a recipe for disaster for the novice. You can not dip your toe into witchcraft by having a wine and curse night with your girlfriends, armed with a random spell found on Pintrest, and a Stevie Nicks playlist. Granted everyone has probably watched The Craft, or a few episodes of Charmed, and everyone might even know Practical Magic word for word. However this can cause unforseen consequences when you crack the door to a dark place that is just waiting for an opportunity like this to occur. 

  Black magic just as white magic has its place in the world of the occultist, it is just one of the many tools we use when called to do so.

                                                             Many Blessings J   



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