August's Full Blue Moon!!

Drawing upon the definitions of a 1930s Farmer's Almanac, this type of "blue moon occurs when a season has four full moons, rather than the usual three." But such an event can only take place in the months of "November, May, February, or August, approximately one month before the Northern Hemisphere's winter and summer solstices and spring and autumn equinoxes.

One other type of Blue moon or another name that is used is...Sky & Telescope Blue Moon...this version occurs on the first or second night of a month having 30 or 31 days... there can never be this type of Blue Moon in February, because full moons occur 29.5 days apart. Both versions of a blue moon are rare, with both roughly occurring every 2.7 years.

This blue moon is even more special for a few cosmic reasons. We’re having two full moons in Aquarius this year, where we’d usually have one. This one takes place at conjunct retrograde Jupiter, which brings themes of major expansion releasing the old and embracing the new in different areas of our lives. Aquarian energy is marked by innovation, humanitarianism, and technology. It emphasizes the power of an individual to change things for a better more efficient future...It’s giving us an opportunity to reset, release, and renegotiate how we are in our lives and in our’s time to release old patterns and try to implement new ones....

Aquarius energy is all about doing things differently and stepping away from our comfort zone in order to experiment with something new. It encourages innovation, growth, and looking at things from a new perspective. 

Aquarius also rules over technological advancements and policies that are put in place to protect the whole, rather than just the individual.

While focusing on the community and the whole is great, when it swings too far out of balance, Aquarian energy can sometimes be too quick to bypass the emotional, compassionate side of humanity and instead, can look at things from a more technical and machine-like viewpoint.

On a deeper level, this Full Moon is guiding us to connect to the energies of our past in order to use them as fuel for our future. We may have had to let go of so much over the last year. 

While we may be looking at a totally different life, the energy of our past triumphs still remain, and we can use that power, that love, and that strength of our past and apply it to this new chapter that is waiting for us...

The Full Moon is the Witches’ companion in a dark night. It has been a symbol of intuition, dreams, and the unconscious.  Blue is a calm and mysterious color which represents guidance, communication, wisdom, and healing.

This is an easy spell to harness Blue Moon energy by making Full Moon Water under tonight’s Blue Moon. You can also follow this ritual a couple of days before or after the the Full Moon as well...

Before you begin, make sure that you have  you have set your intentions for your working.... It could be anything from spiritual guidance, to soaking up positive vibrations...

Its very simple and you can add your own special touches to this ritual to fit your needs, so I thought I'd give you the basics to follow...

All you need to do is set a clear glass container full of distilled water under the full moon and reflect on your intention and give thanks to the Goddess for the many blessings she has bestowed upon you the past month, leave it under the moonlight overnight. I surround my glass jar with herbs and crystals and fresh flowers from my garden. Now depending on what type of moon you are working with you can add corresponding crystals and herbs per that moon. For instance you can add roses for love to be drawn towards you, or protection you can add margoram, basil leaves for prosperity and success. 

*If you would like to add crystals to your water here are a few that you can do so safely...

Clear Quartz


Smokey Quartz



Tigers Eye (my favorite)

Moon Stone

*Herbs that can be added...

Rose Petals

Red Raspberry Leaves


Blue Lotus


Clary Sage







You can harness the healing energy of the moon water in various ways. Here are a few ideas that I do that you might find useful...

  1. Energize your gemstones and crystals related to your zodiac signs with moon water.
  2. You can enjoy a full moon water bath for a refreshing and divine glow.
  3. Water your plants with moon water.
  4. Moon water can be used to make oil perfumes. You can spray it inside your house for freshness and aroma.
  5. You can use moon water for beauty and self-care. Make a skin tone by mixing lavender oil and the moon water. It helps to keep you fresh all day.
  6. Keep a small vial of moon water in your purse or car for good luck.
  7. If you have charged your moon water with a specific intent, then focus on absorbing the goodness of that intent with peace and happiness.
  8. You can bless your money with moon water. Sprinkle water (a few drops) on your wallet.
  9. You can drink your lunar water every day in an empty stomach to remove bad energy from your body.
  10. Spray the lunar water onto your bed to have a peaceful and relaxing sleep.
  11. You can even clean your jewelry in this water for their extra shine.
  12. Float candles in it to beautify your home interiors.
  13. You can relish a magical tea recipe with few drops of lunar water.
  14. Cleanse your zodiac gemstones with lunar water for good luck, prosperity, and spiritual well being.
  15. Use this water in your home oil diffuser to purify, cleanse, and recharge the positive energy of your household.
  16. You can even use it as holy water to wash your hands before prayer or a religious ritual.
  17. It is used for various spell work and magical endeavors.

Water in witchcraft plays a key role in the craft because it is the element of cleansing and healing. Because we cannot survive without water, it is part of the life force that connects us to the everflowing tides. Water is also the element of the subconscious, the underlying flowing of our thoughts and emotions. So naturally making moon water is very close to my heart and something I do with each full moon..

The making of mystical moon water on a full moon or on a new moon or my personal prefrence the dark moon night has been found in folklore from across the world. Its efficacy in healing human thoughts and emotions and in spiritual transformation have never been "scientifically" proven. However as witches we know not all things can be "scientifically" proven per say. Since our bodies are made of 75% water and water holds information and intentions, so the ambiance of the moon does have an effect on emotions....

Moon water is just one way to help guide you on your way to becoming a more emotionally balanced Witch. Tune in with that energy under the August Full Moon and use it to surrender to all that has gone, and to welcome the new chapter that patiently awaits.

Many Blessings Jillian



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