Witchcrafting When You Feel Uninspired

The beauty of witchcraft is making magical practices out of everyday mundane tasks. But what happens when you’re tired, having a rough day or just feeling uninspired? Well... restful days can be made a little magical too – and they can actually be really beneficial to your practice!

The Importance of Relaxation 

When it comes to spellwork and manifesting, you usually need to raise a little energy. I’ll be real with you: I have hard days, I juggle many things at once and I just want to seek refuge from a fluffy blanket and a good book while the rain dances on my window, just as we all do! As much as I love my practice, sometimes just the idea of raising any amount of energy makes me feel exhausted.

Keeping your vibrations up and re-charging yourself is important to your craft. Self care is like doing maintenance on your most important magical tool... You! Taking self care days or “lazy” days can keep you from getting Witchcraft burnout...It doesn’t matter how many tools, herbs or crystals you have, if you’re feeling low energy or are burnt out, it’s going to reflect in your practice.

Grounding Meditations

Sit or lay down and do literally nothing for little while! Well, sort of, anyway. Mindful meditation is an important part of many witchcraft practices. Some meditations in witchcraft are more focused on directing your intention, but on lazy days your focus should just be grounding and recharging your body with the energy from the earth.

If you struggle with meditation, remember that you don’t need to achieve perfect silence. Most of us can’t. When thoughts come in, you acknowledge them and then just let them go. Focus on relaxing your body, on your breathing, on the sounds around you, being present and best of all...doing nothing.

Bath Rituals

If you’re a bath person, bath rituals are probably right up your alley. I see pins for them on Pinterest and bath spells in witchcraft books all the time. It’s all about setting the right focus in your bath and relaxing with that intention, which can be strengthened in power with the right herbs, flowers and salts.


Sit with your tarot cards, pop out your pendulum, or maybe read some tea leaves! Having a calm, relaxing lazy day to get better acquainted with your deck or whatever divination tool or method of choice could better connect you to it and possibly even bring you some clarity.

You also might decide to just further study methods you want to learn more about instead. Look up and learn tarot card meanings, or symbolism to look for in tea leaves, or maybe search for some new divination methods you’ve never tried (or even heard of) and learn about them so you can try them out later!

Ideas To Help Get Through The Mundane...

Magical Snacktime: Snack your vibes up with some high-vibrational foods! Pick foods like fruits, vegetables, or grains and drinks like tea, juice or water. Lemon or cucumber water feels extra special, like a spa day self care bonus! I personally like to snuggle up on the couch with a bowl of berries, some cozy apple cinnamon oatmeal or a nice cup of green or rose tea.

Netflix & Spell: Sometimes you just need to sit on the couch and zone out a little. Watching your favorite witchy movies and TV shows can make you feel recharged and re-inspired to get back into your practice!

Make Plans: If you’re the type of person that has a hard time doing nothing, maybe you’ll feel better making plans for the future. Writing down what spells or rituals you’d like to do, what Sabbats or moon phases are coming up, or what supplies you want to get. Taking a minute to plan instead of to do is a great lazy day activity – as long as you don’t spend too much time stressing or worrying about time!

Nothing At All: Being a witch or practicing magic doesn’t mean you constantly have to be doing something witchy. Don’t feel like you’re not good enough or magic enough if you just want to relax for little while! Remember, recharging and self care is important and will help restore you to your full magical self!

Many Blessings Jillian 


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