My Favorite Full Moon....Your Darkness is Beautiful..Autumn Equinox and September's Harvest Moon

"Deep into that darkness peering,long I stood there, wondering, fearing,doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before." Edgar Allan Poe

This years Full Harvest Moon takes place on Monday September 20th leading to the Autumn Equinox on September 22nd... Hello Mabon!!! Depending on the year the Harvest Full Moon is either in September or in October. 

"We are magic and our darkness is the way into the light."  These are words I find rolling around in my head this time of year, as the fall season begins. It might be because of the shortened days and the crisp fall air that greets me each morning, or maybe simply its just the beginning of the dark time. Alot of people fear these words, however what those beautiful words mean to me is, stillness and a much needed break. There is so much hustle and bustle all other times of the year but once fall begins you are given a chance to sit, reflect and go within and preactice self-care. There is so much beauty in the quiet, and nothing to fear, it is when you are allowed to go within and once again become whole and a time to remember who it is you are and who it is that you are evolving into. Its a matter of stepping back and seeing the changes you have made in your life and what effeects that have happened because of those changes. Now that the Harvest Moon is here you are allowed the stillness to reap what all of your hard work has sown. 
In Pagan traditions it becomes the time of year that you start preparing for the cold winter months ahead. Be present enough to reflect on what you need to do to mentally and emotionally prepare for the final months of 2021. 
The season of my favorite deity Hecate begins in September as the realization of her becoming the Gaurdian becomes fully realized. Its when the daylight starts to noticeably decline, as the veil between the worlds grow thinner and she calls us into the darker mysteries of ourselves and the universe. 
I plan on diving deeper into my connection with Hecate in upcoming posts. 
Black is one of the colors that represents the fall as things start to die off and with the veil being so thin be careful what you invite in. It is best to purge things out and banish negative energies back to where they came from. Make sure you close the door firmly afterwards! 
So now lets talk about the this moon being in Pisces, it is a moon that is asking you to take full advantage of the Piscean creative and dreamy energy. This could be a time for you to make that creative or romantic and maybe even an emotional breakthrough. Its a chance to grab a hold of your deepest desires, because with the energy of the Pisces you can easily get lost in your daydreams and chase what it is that you truly desire, let your intuition kick in and let the logic be put aside, but dont let those rose colored glasses stay on to long! 

 Being a water sign the energy shift is both poetic and sensitive, so get ready to feel more emotional than usual. Pisces energy might also lend to the energy of release so for some that might mean a good cry or connecting with loved ones, however remember its okay to not be okay. Think outside of the box and do something creative, write, draw, dance, sing whatever creative form of expression you can think of and by all means try something new, and take a risk. You never know where it will take you!!!

Many blessings Jillian 



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