The Dark Goddess Of Samhain

Its almost time for the witches  New Year, it’s a powerful time of the year that is steeped in ritual and magic. During this special time, the veil between our physical world and the spirit world is the thinnest it will be all year. The thinning veil makes it the ideal time to practice magick and ritual of all kinds, it also makes it the ideal time to call in the energy of Goddesses associated with Samhain.

Most Goddesses associated with Samhain are considered dark Goddesses, they’ve been cast out, forgotten over the years, and sometimes unfairly associated with evil deeds. The meaning and power behind these Goddesses have been twisted into something undesirable. Why? Because these dark Goddesses are extremely powerful women.

There are several Goddesses associated with Samhain but I’ll be focusing on three that I believe cover the greatest variety of needs. Today I’ll be sharing tips to invite the energy of Oya, Hecate, and Lilith into your Samhain rituals.


If you’re looking to create an internal transformation this season Oya is your Goddess. Mighty Oya, a Yoruban Goddess, controls the rain, winds, and storms. She’s mothering, powerful, and has a strong desire to help women through their struggles to transform.

Oya represents the crone phase of the Triple Goddess and is closely associated with death and rebirth, another symbol of transformation. Sometimes parts of us must die or be let go of in order to transform into something greater. Allow Oya to blow her winds of change around your life to bring about something greater.


  • Wear wine or purple-colored clothing to honor and connect to Oya.
  • Place purple flowers in your home or on your altar.
  • Place a picture of Oya on your altar or somewhere you’ll see it regularly.
  • The number 9 is Oya’s sacred number. Place an offering of 9 coins to Oya on your altar or in a sacred space.
  • Meditate imagining the winds of change from Oya surrounding you daily until your transformation is complete.
  • Light a purple and red candle for Oya. Purple for her and red to inspire action on your part.


Hecate is considered the mother of all witches and of witchcraft. Her energy is ideal for Samhain because she is queen when it comes to performing spells, rituals, and magic of all kinds. Hecate is also the Goddess of the crossroads and is said to be connected to the physical world, the spirit world, and the underworld. Her connection to other realms makes her ideal for magic that concerns connecting with loved ones passed on.

If you’re planning to take advantage of this special time by performing magic or spiritual connections of your own, you’ll definitely want to call on the energy of Hecate to guide and protect you. Consider her the loving mother figure over your magic as you work. That said, Hecate is also extremely fair and just. She will give you exactly what you need and what is best for you, which may be MUCH different then what you have in mind!


  • Hecate is represented by the waning moon or crone in the Triple Goddess symbol, so the ideal time to perform spells with her guidance is during a waning moon.
  • Have an image of Hecate or the waning moon placed nearby you as you do your spell work.
  • Place a cauldron on your altar or wherever you perform magic work to represent Hecate’s magical energy.
  • Before beginning any magic or when trying to connect to the other side verbally call upon Hecate to guide and watch over you as you work.
  • Represent the presence of Hecate with the number 3 or a depiction of a three-headed animal.
  • Burn candles, especially black candles to represent her protection over you during spell work.


Get in touch with our inner wild woman through Lilith. Often branded as an evil Goddess she did not start out this way. Lilith is a Goddess not afraid to be wild, sexual, or speak her truth which quickly puts her in the category of being “bad” and “evil.” Her name quickly became synonymous with Satan and cruel and deviant acts. Lilith was blamed for anything undesirable about women and became associated with any woman not willing to conform to her wifely duties, or desiring to live an alternative lifestyle.

Lilith is not bad or evil. Lilith is the voice inside of you telling you to act when you feel you’ve been treated unfairly . She is the voice that says it’s not only ok but good to enjoy sex and your sensuality. She is the voice calling for all women to stand up and fight for our power. If Samhain has inspired you to get in touch with your inner wild woman Lilith is here to let it come roaring out. Tread lightly with invoking Lilith, her energy is very powerful!


  • Place a picture or Lilith on your altar or sacred space to remind you of your ability to take your power back.
  • Place symbols or replications of snakes on your altar to honor Lilith.
  • Meditate on the energy of Lilith filling your being before doing anything you find scary or intimidating.
  • Light a red or orange candle to honor Lilith. Light an orange candle for more sensuality or red for power and passion.
  • Write down ways in which you’ve been suppressed and burn them in Lilith’s honor.
  • During a full moon allow yourself time and space to call on Lilith’s energy to perform a dance or sensual act to allow her powerful energy to flow through you.

I hope you take advantage of this special time to connect with these powerful Goddesses! 


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