November Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse And The Punch It Packs


Get ready for a double feature as the full moon hits us with a double whammy. 

The Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses are like super-powered new moons and full moons, helping to realign us with our soul’s purpose and correct our personal path when needed. Two to three times a year, the sun, moon and nodes align to gift us with an eclipse season. Astrologers often refer to these four-to-six-week time periods as super-charged, due to probability of life-altering or direction-changing events that occur for most people.

Just like all things in astrology, eclipses can bring about situations in which you feel compelled to react, so it’s important to remember that you always have the free will to do so or not. You are empowered with the ability to choose what to do with the energy that comes from the twists and turns of life. Astrology allows you to predict the possibility of manifesting something in your life, but it’s only through using this energy to further your desires that the real magic happens.

The eclipses certainly help, but ultimately, you’re the one that creates your own magic! It’s all about taking action and aligning yourself with the universe, not just sitting by and letting life happen. This is where magnifying the energy of the eclipses comes into play—and rituals are key in doing so.

The Blood Moon

Blood Moon meaning can be described in a couple of spiritual concepts. It will shine the light on the Shadow Self as well as bring some transformational changes. Blood Moon assists with getting into alignment and reflection upon our life journey so far

When it comes to Blood Moon meaning in magic, witchcraft, and spirituality, we need to focus on what gets illuminated during that time. Usually, the Blood Moon shines the light on the Shadow aspects of our psyche and things that might bring unexpected transformation.

This is the time when truths come out to the surface and we can focus more on our overall alignment with life.

A great thing to do during Blood Moon would be to reflect on our lives so far and how we respond to outer circumstances. Maybe some things are hidden and want to finally become released. Or maybe we feel that something holds us back from becoming the best possible version of ourselves.

During Blood Moon, the face of the Moon appears reddish in color. The red color in magic signifies energy, life force, health, strength, and vitality. Think about all these aspects when you try to work out the Blood Moon meaning in your life.

As we talked about before, the Blood Moon meaning is the same as the Total Lunar eclipse. Here are some things that you might want to consider to do during the time of a lunar eclipse:

  • Think about the transformation that needs to take place in your life to become fully aligned with your Higher Self.
  • What are the truths that you are hiding from the world?
  • Which areas of self-development and improvement need more focus in your life?
  • How can you practice more self-acceptance?
  • How can you improve your connection with the Inner Child?
  • What emotional healing needs to be done to bring more harmony and balance into your everyday life?

The Lunar eclipse and Blood Moon together can be used for protection, banishing, cord-cutting, and Shadow Work.

The time of Lunar Eclipse is good for introspection, reflection, and focusing on your own, inner evolution.

If you wish to free yourself from negative outer influences or habits, this is a good time to practice it.

Since the blood moon is connected to the lunar eclipse, it naturally speaks to new beginnings, definite endings, and intense culminations.

The fleeting nature of the blood moon is also symbolic of taking chances and pursuing what you want before it slips away.

Those of us who conduct rituals and ceremonies during the blood moon highly value the slight window that the blood moon has, as it increases the importance of the rituals that require it.

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