Lazy Witchcraft


Sometimes, as much as we really want to devote more time to witchcraft and spiritual practices, we have a full-time jobs, school, kids, husbands, wives, other commitments, and of course the ever-growing lists and lists of chores. “Lazy Witch” might seem like a negative term that places blame on the witch for not making more time to practice, but hear me out!

Once upon a time I was stuck to the idea that “real” witchcraft was all long, full-blown, pre-planned, elaborate, and memorized rituals. The idea of the “everyday witchcraft” felt overwhelming and exhausting. When am I going to have time for that? And EVERY DAY? How do other witches do it??? If I can’t, will another witch think I am a lesser witch than they are, or not even a witch at all?

Then I realized that I already had practices ingrained into my every day. Making morning coffee, taking a shower, gardening, going to the gym. It wasn’t what I was doing, but it was how I was doing it. Being able to turn daily mundane activities into magickal practices and learning that it isn’t discounted and is still considered “real” witchcraft, because "I" consider it real and honestly, that's all that matters.

Don’t get me wrong — I still wish for more time to spend on my practice. I try to do something with a little extra attention on most sabbats and most of the full moons, if I remember, which isn't every time and some months, it is every time. Randomness makes up most of my practice as I perfer that because it takes the pressure off of perfection. I am embracing being a Lazy Witch, and you can too.

Here are just a few ideas for daily witchcraft that won’t take much additional time (if any) in your busy schedule:

Turn morning coffee into a productivity spell:

Bless your coffee and stir it clockwise 9 times as you envision your desired results (checking everything off of your to-do list, getting work, housework done quickly so you can take a longer break, or whatever that may mean for you! Drink your coffee, feel the charge of productivity and get to it!

Kitchen witchcraft:

If you’re the kind who likes to cook or bake from scratch, this might be your literal bread and butter. (as it is mine) There are so many ways to integrate witchcraft into food, there are even entire books dedicated to it! A few samples: carve sigils into baked goods, select your food and herbs based on their correspondences, and keeping a magickal herb garden for cooking use!

Shower away stress/anxiety:

I do this one a lot. As you shower, visualize the shower water’s energy washing away your stress. Breathe deep and feel the stress actually running off of you with the water. You may choose to enhance this by visualizing the water glowing white, blue, or maybe even rainbow!

Sleep magick:

There are so many witchy things you can do with sleep. Use the moments just before sleep to squeeze in a short, relaxing meditation. Turn evening tea into a sleep spell, or a glass of wine! (just adapt the coffee spell above accordingly!). Enchant your pillow, or create a quick dream satchel to put in your pillowcase. Keep a dream journal and analyze your dreams.

These are only a few ideas, but the opportunities are truly endless, so get creative and don’t be afraid to be a little lazy!

Many Blessings J


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