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Packing to go on a trip can be an adventure in itself. I’m the type of packer that tries to organize everything, separate outfits by day/event, goes through checklists multiple times and then still is always worried I forgot something. Adding a magical practice to that, particularly if it normally involves tools, can feel a little stressful! Here are some tips on traveling witchcraft and what’s in my travel bag.

You don’t need to bring anything!

I do sometimes feel naked without having my tarot cards on me or protection stones shoved into my bra, but I don’t need them. I can and have packed a bag with non-witchy items inside and my craft or identity as a witch isn’t invalid for it. All you truly need in your practice is yourself! Traveling witchcraft only actually needs a traveling witch.

Plan for what type of trip you’re going on:

If you’re taking a road trip to a secluded area in the woods where you plan on focusing on ritual works a part of your trip, you’ll be packing a lot differently than if you’re going on a plane to Disneyland and have to go through multiple security checks. Make sure you’re packing/planning for what you are allowed to bring with you in mind! Also, consider what items you can easily and cheaply pick up on your journey.

Realistically consider what type of workings or rituals you may do or may need to do:

I always want to be overly prepared when I’m traveling, but that also means I dramatically over-pack for things I didn’t even have time for. If you’re honest with yourself about how much time you’ll have and what priorities you want to maintain in your practice, you’ll get a better idea of what’s potentially excessive.

What can you source from your journey/destination:

Always consider where you’re going and how you’re getting there! Candles, matches and many herbs can be picked up at any grocery or dollar store. Will you be near a natural resource of water? What local plant energies can you work with? Of course, don't forage a whole plant, be respectful to nature and the residents, but if you find a sprig fallen on the ground or ask permission to borrow a leaf or two, that's likely all you need. Another more urban example is to grab some extra salt packets from the drive thru to later put by your Airbnb's front door to absorb negative energies. In the past, a continental breakfast in a hotel lobby has come through as my resource for teas and also elements that come inside them. For example, chamomile can be used in a variety of magical ways beyond just drinking its infusion!

Do what makes you most comfortable:

Traveling can already be a stressful time, so if the thought of going without an item feels totally unnatural, just bring it with you or find a way to fulfill that need if you can’t. For me, the thought of bringing my tarot cards actually brought me a sense of dread that I was going to lose one or bend up my cards in my duffel bag. Although they often travel with me during my day-to-day, they stayed safe at home at my altar on this journey and that made me feel much better.

What’s in my travel bag:

  • *Amulets/Evil Eyes for protection.... Warding amulets don’t have to be obvious if you’re in the closet or if you just want to travel witch incognito.

  • *Charmed sunscreen... Add a protection charm to your bottle or tube of sunscreen! You can also apply lotions by drawing protection symbols/sigils before rubbing them in to your skin. Protect yourself and your skin!!

  • Negative energy absorbing magic jar. I went on a road trip and did not need to worry about security. Kept a car full of people in pretty good spirits even after 10 hours of being crammed together. Anytime it needs a refresher, just give it a good shake! Pro tip: put any oils (magical or not) in a ziplock bag. No matter how sealed you think a jar is, they like to leak.

Travel altar:

I made a travel altar in inside of a mint tin. I created it to both hold a few items and to create a sacred/altar space that reminds me of my altar at home, so I feel like I have a safe space to work in, if I needed to. What your mini travel altar looks like will vary pending your path, practice and preferences! Here's what I put in mine:

  • *Pendulum....My divination tool of choice on most trips, because it is the smallest. I don’t have to worry about losing any tarot cards and I am able to pack it inside my travel altar.

  • *Safe travels spell jar... I will make a special tiny spell jar that also goes inside my travel altar to promote a safe journey.

  • *Tiger's eye stone... Rather than weighing myself down with a whole pocket of rocks, I chose one that I wanted to focus on. I felt that inner strength, endurance and grounding are important when traveling, so I chose tigers eye.

  • *Coffin nail... Another item inside my travel altar are coffin nails. We often use them for making/breaking hexes and also for protection. Iron is also good for protection, and it also wards many potentially unwanted spirits and entities. You never know what lurks in that the shadows of your airbnb.

If you are a consistent traveling witch:

Make a dream pillow for your trip.

Do you toss and turn when you’re away from your own bed?

Fill a drawstring bag with lavender or chamomile herbs to help you sleep peacefully.

Bring a mini tarot deck.

Many tarot decks come in smaller versions for convenience during travel.

Hang a travel pouch on your rear view mirror.

Travel spell bags promote positive travel experiences and reduce trip-related anxiety.

Bring some peppermint oil.

A few drops of (diluted) peppermint oil on the forehead or in the bathwater works wonders for stress.  It also eases headaches.  

If you take one essential oil with you on your trip, make it peppermint oil!

Include a vile of moon water in your altar kit.

Dot it on your wrists or behind your ears like perfume to calm frayed nerves from a long flight

Moon water can be stored in a tiny corked bottle or vile for convenient, portable use on the go.

Load up your Kindle with witchy reads.

Keep your sanity by scheduling a little “me time. Or kill some time in the passenger seat!

Carry a piece of malachite.

Malachite aids travels and encourages safe passage.  Wear a piece of jewelry that features malachite prominently.  This brilliant, fairy-green stone sets beautifully into ornate rings and looks gorgeous in pendant necklaces.

Pack tea lights.

If you like the atmosphere candles create, tea lights offer some advantage for travel over their more cumbersome counterparts.

They’re lightweight. Unlike stick versions, they don’t need candle holders.  And they contain their own drippings.

I hope that you give it a try and let your creativity run wild!!! 

Many Blessings



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